Can you help us fill in the gaps and establish contact with our missing classmates?
The list below shows 38 people who we have no contact info for, or we have been unable to confirm the validity of their contact info.
If you can help track down any of these people, please email Thanks for your help!
NameEmail Address on FilePhone Number on FileContact Info Confirmed
Angel Jacobs
Ashley Konopka
Beth Kocsis
Bill Panati
Bill Petrina
Brad Bodner
Brian DeMatt
Christina Vaniel
Crystal Bezts
Daria Rice
Ebony Lewis
Eric Hopper
Forrest Corcoran
Francis Twele
Geno Adams
Greg Lawrence
Heather Breskovic
Heather Wojtowicz
Hilary Morrison
Jeff Boyle
Jeremy Zorich
Joe Schopp
John Love
John Stephenson
Kort Eckman
Michelle Halleran
Michelle Smith (Burns)
Mike Kostyak
Rob Steliga
Rob Wagner
Ryan Hallick
Scott Bryan
Scott Mehalik
Shannon Woodward
Shari Johnson
Stephen Menifee
Steve Baverso
Suzy Kerchner